We know that families and young adults are struggling to maintain engagement in learning.  Others are navigating the college application process or trying to remain current with their school loans. Below are some links to helpful information, resources and support.

  • Stay up-to-date on K – 12 education by checking in on the Scotts Valley Unified School District website.
  • Connect to state provided resources here for links and resources for homeschooling parents.
  • For a map of food distribution sites, please click this link.
  • The College Board has announced the cancellation of SAT testing for May but has not yet announced a cancellation for the June 6th date.
  • Click here for details regarding changes to the California State University (CSU) application process and testing requirements.
  • University of California (UC) announcement regarding college application changes:
    • Suspending the letter grade requirement for A-G courses completed in winter/spring/summer 2020 for all students, including UC’s most recently admitted freshmen.
    • Suspending the standardized test requirement for students applying for fall 2021 freshman admission.
    • Providing that there will be no rescission of student admissions offers that result from students or schools missing official final transcript deadlines, and student retention of admission status through the first day of class until official documents are received by campuses.
    • For transfer students, temporarily suspending the cap on the number of transferable units with “pass/no pass” grading applied toward the minimum 60 semester/90 quarter units required for junior standing.
    • California State Executive Order on May 19th, 2020 waives the deadline to verify grade point average and waives certain certification requirements and selective service registration verification for Cal Grant applicants. Find the order here.
    • In the latest Executive Order by Governor Gavin Newsom on May 29th, exceptions have been made for students enrolled in teacher preparation programs during the 2019-20 school year to obtain their preliminary credential without a teaching performance assessment if they have COVID-19 related impacts. Find the order here.

The CARES Act offers the following student loan benefits through September 30, 2020:

  • No federal student loan payment.
  • No interest on your federal student loan payments.
  • No garnishment of wages, Social Security and tax refunds for student loan debt collection.
  • Pausing your federal student loan payments will still result in you getting monthly payment “credit” for public service loan forgiveness (despite what your student loan servicer may tell you).