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In accordance with Section 5.04 of the Scotts Valley Municipal Code, Business Licenses, any person engaging in or carrying on any business, profession, show, exhibition, or game of any type whatsoever in the City, must first pay an appropriate license fee and procure a license from the Finance Department (831-440-5611). The following information will assist you in the application process. All required business license forms are shown below in blue.

  1. A Business License Application must be on file at City Hall and appropriate fees paid prior to commencement of business.
  2. Should the application not be filed prior to the commencement of business, a penalty of double the license fee, will be levied for non-procurement of a license per Section, 5.04.180 of the Scotts Valley Municipal Code.
  3. A “Statement of Hazardous Materials Usage” form is required to be completed by all businesses with a physical location in Scotts Valley.
  4. If your business requires any State, County, or special permit numbers, they must be provided on the application. Failure to complete this section may cause a delay in the issuance of the license.
  5. A non-refundable and non-prorated application fee of $45.00 is due with each new business license application. Resolution No. 1198.10 allows this fee to cover the review process by various City departments.
  6. The base fee for the license is $51.00, plus $40.00 per owner/employee working in the City. You need only pay for those employees actually working in the City on an average daily basis. Employees shall include the working manager, partner or owner of the establishment or business. The number of employees shall be determined by the average number of full-time employees, or equivalent to be employed during the year, for which the license is issued. This figure may be calculated by determining the total number of hours in an average week for which the employer makes compensation, dividing that figure by the number forty (40), and applying the nearest whole number.
  7. Anyone operating a business from their residence, must complete a Home Occupation form and pay a fee of $90.00 per Resolution No. 1198.65.
  8. The license is issued for the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, per Section 5.04.310 of the Scotts Valley Municipal Code, unless otherwise designated. A courtesy renewal statement will be sent prior to the expiration date of the license. Please be advised that failure to receive a renewal statement does not relieve you of the responsibility to renew by July 1. Please notify this office in writing if you close or move your business.
  9. Pro-rated licenses will be issued to those who will be working in the City less than three (3) months. The fee for the license is one-half (½) of the fee calculated for the full year, plus the $45 application fee, which is not prorated.
  10. It is the responsibility of the business owner to notify this office of any changes: Name of business, change of owner, address, etc.
  11. The business license is nontransferable. Should you sell the business, the license is automatically void and the new owner(s) must complete a new application.
  12. All businesses located in the City limits must complete the Police Department Information Sheet.
  13. All signs in the City of Scotts Valley require review and approval prior to placement. Please contact the Planning Department at 440-5630 between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, to determine if the sign you propose meets the current ordinance requirements.

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